In Grace Fraga’s new book, Love at First EX – Self-Help Edition, you’ll learn:

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  • How to find the break up style that’s right for you
  • Coping with the grieving stages of breaking up
  • How to deal with your EX’s new relationship
  • How to be friends with your EX
  • How to prepare for your next relationship
  • How to lighten up and take your break up a little less seriously

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About the Book
After two breakups in the span of ten months, Grace needed some therapy. Since her insurance didn’t cover it, she decided to take the more economical route: writing a book to help others.


“Love at First Ex”, Self-Help Edition, is a practical guide on how to deal with the post break up aftermath. A raw look at the emotional roller coaster of heartbreak, Grace provides solace and solutions to help you through this choppy ride. This book is sprinkled with love and humor and is a powerful tool to get through these tough times.
There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully a new, improved future Ex waiting for you.
Grace Fraga, LA show biz type, is a producer, actor, comedian (who is funny, btw) and author. In Love at First Ex, Grace gives readers a well written, clinically sound and humorous tour through the many phases and steps on how to handle your breakup and your post-breakup. Grace writes from experience, but has clearly done her homework in researching the current approaches of counseling and social science in dealing with loss, separation, self-esteem and recovery. She presents all this in a colloquial manner, with clear explanations and humorous asides so that anyone who is going through a divorce or separation will realize that they are not alone, which is, perhaps, the most important message of all. Anyone interested in the dynamics of human relationships, even if they are in a stable relationship or marriage, would benefit from and enjoy this easy but informative read. This is a very good book, with humor and wisdom clearly presented.
By Marty C.

Even if you have to dig back to childhood, each of us has “broken up” with someone. Grace has the experience and the wit and wisdom to get you through the stages of the situations produced by breaking up.
Hey – if you have had only the one, perfect partner you can enjoy this read anyway. You NEVER know…
By John J.