Comic Relief Version

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One day Grace woke up and realized that she was living a FAIRY TALE.
Her world was filled with ex-boyfriends, ex-fiances, ex-husbands, ex-booty calls who loved and respected her. Maintaining a healthy, useful relationship with her
Ex’s inspired her to write her silly book “Love at First Ex”.  A modern Day
Fairy Tale, this book explores a comedic way to love and manage your Ex’s.
Buckle up and enjoy the ride at GRACELAND, the land where no resources are wasted.


“Grace’ve got to be off your rocker…Love my ex? I used to think this was impossible…but after reading your book ‘Love at First Ex’, I think I’ll give it a shot. It’s a fun read and made me realize my ex isn’t a horrible person after all. I’ll give him one shot at friendship, Grace, but if he screws it up..he’s OUT!! lol”
Matthew Moore, Filmmaker

“Grace Fraga never stops surprising. She’s funny on-stage. She’s hilarious on the radio. And now she’s brazenly honest and insightful in print. Love At First Ex is a fun look at intimate relationships. It’s a quick and easy read, complete with delightful illustrations. I’m so glad i read it. I’m pretty sure you you will, too.”
Malcolm Grissom, Radio personality

“Love, Love, Love this book! We all have EXs, but so often we don’t know how to deal with them. I tend to avoid mine, but “Love at First EX” has inspired me to nurture those relationships and make the most of them. Grace Fraga has taken a universally serious subject and gave it a fun, funny and lighthearted spin.”
Darice Fisher, Public Relations

“I love Grace’s style and keen perception on a topic we can all relate to: is it possible to be friends with your ex and can you get then to help you move? Lots of laughs but good insights into this area. A broken romance can be a gift in disguise.”
Bob Illes, Executive Producer

”I’ve loved catching her work onstage, going back to her early days in New Orleans, but had no idea she was a writer, too! She’s full of surprises, and has a wonderful gift of turning life’s sometimes dismal moments (like break-ups) into uplifting comedy fodder. I highly recommend anything with her name on it!”
Doug Eames, Actor

Sneak Peak of “Love At First Ex”, Comedy Relief Version